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We are the largest professional engineering fraternity in the country...

Our fraternity was founded in 1904 at the University of Minnesota by Erich Schrader, Elwin Vinal, William Lewis, and Isaac Hanks. Since our founding, Theta Tau has expanded to over 60 universities with over a dozen univeristies starting colonies.

Theta Tau prides itself on the three pillars: service, profession, and brotherhood. Each brother of the Xi Delta chapter must attend at minimun one event of each pillar. We offer several service events including walking shelter dogs to spark adoption, volunteering at local food shelters, and participating in cancer walks. For profession, the Xi Delta chapter offers various seminars and hands-on engineering sessions that differ each semester. Previous professional events have included resume workshops, a HTML/CSS seminar, and mock-interviews. The brotherhood aspect of Theta Tau separates our fraternity from any other engineering society. Brotherhood forms the bond between engineers and provides unique opportunities for connections, specialized resources, and lifelong friends. From cookouts to tail-gates, the Xi Delta brotherhood events are the perfect place for engineers to relax and connect.

By joining Theta Tau, an engineer will gain invaluable skills. After graduating from colloge, a Brother will have the resources, connections, and professional attitude to thrive in the workplace and to spread engineering professionalism in whatever path they take. Once a Brother always a Brother in Theta Tau.

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