Chapter Picture

Plans and Ideas for our Chapter

There are many new plans and ideas that I would like to see implemented this semester. Many of these are based on what was learned at National Convention this summer by our attending members Daniel Krinke, Fritz Reese, and Kunal Sarkhel. I plan on creating a google drive for all of our chairs to store their plans and any pertinent information regarding their position. The purpose of this is so that we have a standard place where everything is stored, so that it can easily be passed on to future chair-holders. I also want to stress to members that they be active in a few committees in order to decrease the amount of time spent in chapter meetings. While in meetings, I also want to make sure that everyone understands Robert’s Rules of Order. Our Marshal, Francisco Cascante, will be creating a few “Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheets” for use in chapter so that people understand the power that they have and the different motions that they can make.

The EC will also be piloting the new Standards Committee this semester. The goal of this committee is to ensure everyone is meeting the baseline standards of being a brother and also to keep in touch with those we may not have heard from in a while. One final new idea for this semester is to create a Slack to make communication with everyone in the chapter easier. With the move to Slack, a page can be created for each committee to communicate. We also plan on having a channel that nobody can mute to be used in case anyone ever has an emergency that they need to contact the whole chapter about. I hope the addition of these new ideas and plans makes for a great semester this fall!

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;..."

-- Ecclesiastes 9:10