Spring Rush 2019

Spring Rush 2019 will take place Feburary 4th through the 8th
We encourage all prospective members to come to as many rush events as they can.
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Spring Rush 2019

Learn about Theta Tau is all about at our informational night! Getting to know each other is the first step of the rush process, and what better way to do that than meeting the brothers as well as your fellow rushees? At this event, you will learn about Theta Tau, what we have to offer and some of our expectations.

Meet & Greet is Monday 02/04/2019 -- Meet at Mason Statue at 7:04 PM

Join the brothers in giving back to the community by making paper bag lunches for the homeless in DC.

Packing Meals is Tuesday 02/05/2019 -- Meet at Mason Statue at 7:04 PM

Join the brothers in game night! Feel free to bring board games and video games for the evening. Costco Pizza will be provided!

Game Night is on Wednesday 02/06/2019 -- Meet at Mason Statue at 7:04PM

Come join us in fun competitions to encourage teamwork and put your engineering skills to the test! Each rushee will be paired in grouped together by majors!

Battle of the Engineers is Thursday 02/07/2019 -- Meet at Mason Statue at 7:04 PM

Come join us for our final open rush event. There is no better way to serve off the weekend!

Ice Cream Shindig is Friday 02/08/2018 -- Meet at Mason Statue at 1:30 PM


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Insight from the Newly-Initiated Omicron Class

Kristen DiMichele

"I really enjoyed the whole rush and pledge process. Working together with my pledge class to finish our project was both fun and rewarding. We spent a lot of time together between working on pledge projects and study hours. During pledging, my favorite part was getting to talk to all of the brothers. I'm so happy to continue on with Theta Tau as a brother!"

Kristin DiMichele - Cybersecurity Engineering
Evan Anderson

"I wasn't sure if Theta Tau would be the best for me. When I went to rush, I quickly found out that it was perfect. I had a great time at all of the events, and I had lots of fun meeting both brothers and fellow rushees. My only regret is that I didn't rush sooner."

Systems Engineering - Evan Anderson
Andrew Warrener

"Going into rush, I had no idea what to expect. I was told there were no strings attached, but I still wasn't sure abut joining a fraternity, even a professional one. The first night really opened my eyes though. By the end of the week, I knew I wanted to get to know these people and this fraternity!"

Andrew Warrener - Information Technology
David Garcia

"The whole process was aimed at making sure you not only know what the fraternity is about, but also to get to know other brothers on a personal level -- beyond just name, major and year."

Biomedical Engineering - David Garcia

Frequently Asked Rush Questions

Come to as many rush events as you can! Although you are not required to attend every event, it is highly recommended that you talk with the Brothers as much as possible. This makes it easier for you to get an understanding of our fraternity and for the Brothers to get an understanding of who you are.

We meet at 7:04 PM to recognize our history. Theta Tau was founded as the Society of Hammer and Tongs in 1904; henceforth, we meet at 7:04.

To be initiated into Theta Tau, you must be a CS/IT/Engineering major in the Volgenau School of Engineering. Anyone of any major can come to our rush events; however, only those who are engineers will be permitted to pledge, upon acceptance into the program.

1.) Be at least 18 years of age.
2.) Must be enrolled in a program leading to an Engineering degree.
3.) Attend weekly meetings.
4.) Not be members of a competing organization. (There are no competing organizations at GMU)
5.) Must not be within 6 months of graduation.
6.) Have a GPA of at least 2.0 (Pledges without a GPA will be initated after they receive their GPA)

Theta Tau is not just a professional society. This fraternity is a community of like-minded engineers who enjoy serving the community and the fraternity in a variety of aspects. Brotherhood is what binds us together, and we have a connection to each other like no other. From helping each other out with homework to going to concerts to simly enjoying a meal together, the fraternity of Theta Tau will impact you in a positive manner. You will not only be surrounded by brotherly support, you will be encouraged and motivated by the fraternity to be your best and accomplish great things. Once a Brother, always a Brother.