Meet Haruka Konishi #92

Haruka Konishi

Haruka Konishi is currently an employee at CALIBRE Systems Inc. doing software development. However, she recently became active again so she can pursue a Masters in Software Engineering. One of her goals is to obtain a PhD before the age of 30 so she can become a professor.

When asked about what she would like to do to improve the chapter, she responded "Theta Tau has given me so many amazing opportunities, memories, and lifelong friendships. It's one of the best decisions I made in college. In the future I'd like to see us expand and increase recruitment so more people can become part of our brotherhood."

Interesting Facts


Information Technology

Graduation Date

Spring 2015

Job Title

Software Developer

Employer Description

CALIBRE Systems is an employee-owned management consulting and information technology solutions company supporting government and industry.

Initiated into Theta Tau in:

Mu Class